Five Key Advantages of CCTV Drain Surveys

11 Jun 2024

CCTV Drain Survey - Speedy Jet Plumbers

CCTV drain surveys are a comparatively recent way of identifying problems with your sewage system – and they offer a lot of advantages over the traditional methods of examining your home or business’s underground pipework.

Here Speedy Jet Plumbers, who can provide a high-quality CCTV drain survey in Clerkenwell, Kensington, Pimlico and other parts of London, identify some of the key benefits of this new surveying technique.

1. The Peace of Mind

Prospective homebuyers can opt for a CCTV drain survey before they exchange contracts, to check that there aren’t any hidden horrors in the plumbing and pipework. The last thing you want to crop up later is a hefty repair bill when your budget may already be stretched, which CCTV drain surveys can help mitigate.

The same applies if you are leasing or extending a property – you should be able to get a definitive answer from the experts if you have a drain survey carried out.

2. They Save You Time and Money

Not dealing with the problem immediately by having a CCTV drain survey could be storing up problems for later, when the issue could become even more time-consuming and expensive. In the case of businesses, it could mean a temporary shutdown while the problem is fixed.

A survey can also save time if there is a potential issue regarding shared ownership, because the cameras can identify exactly where the problem is (whether it’s a blockage, a leak or another issue) and ascertain who is responsible for resolving it. You will soon know if it’s down to you, your neighbour, or the local water company to fix it.

3. They Offer Prevention as well as Cure

CCTV drain surveys are often a good idea even if there isn’t an immediate problem with your property or business. Having your drains and pipes checked out will prevent any problems from taking root – literally, in the case of any trees which are too close to the pipes – before they become an issue, again potentially saving you time and money.

4. They are Accurate

In the past, qualified engineers had to go underground into the drains as part of a visual inspection or probe, and it was much more difficult to see where any blockage was. Sometimes areas had to be dug up as part of the inspection; now, though, this shouldn’t be necessary which with technological progress which CCTV drainage surveys represent.

5. They Can Identify a Wide Range of Issues

The commonest drain problem is usually some sort of blockage in the drainage system; in recent years the issue of fatbergs (a mass of congealed solids, oils and grease) has been in the news a lot. However, this isn’t necessarily the cause of all problems. It could be tree roots damaging a pipe, the erosion of poor-quality joints, a build-up of scale (particularly in areas with a hard water supply), a pest-related issue, or just general wear and tear.

CCTV images will not only tell you where the blockage is, and what is causing it, but also what should be done about it to resolve the issue.

CCTV Drain Surveys in Clerkenwell from Speedy Jet Plumbers

Speedy Jet Plumbers can carry out complete Push Rod CCTV and Crawler Camera CCTV surveys of your drainage system for planning, excavation and development work as well as identifying blockages, damaged pipework, pest infestations and other issues.

We can offer on-the-spot guidance and advice as well as supply finished digital plans and CCTV footage (on a DVD) for your future reference. For more information about our CCTV drain services follow this link.

Remember we offer a range of other services as well, from fixing blocked sinks in Mayfair, to cheap boiler repairs in Soho, to pipe freezing repairs in Hackney. You can contact Speedy Jet Plumbers by clicking here and completing the online form, or by giving us a call on 0203 633 2424.

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